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Understandably so, they are so adorable after all. But, adorable or not, in order to be a healthy a dog needs exercise and proper diet. I know it might be tempting to carry around a Cavachon in your arms all day, but remember they are sturdy little dogs, and love the opportunity to walk around on their own as well. Thanks to their teeny tiny size, it is relatively easy for a Cavachon to get plenty of exercise indoors. However, it is better not to think of this as a substitution for outdoor exercise.

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Outside physical activity provides a Cavachon with the mental stimulation it needs, preventing boredom and keeping it fit all in one. Since they are small dogs, this need not be an extensive amount though, and it is recommended that a minute period will suffice to keep it healthy and happy. Being a small dog, a Cavachon will actually require more calories per pound than a big dog.

To ensure that your Cavachon is well-fed, prepare a diet that gives it between calories per pound of weight. With an adult Cavachon of average weight that will end up somewhere in the range of calories per day. Additionally, make sure that they are getting good amounts of fiber for healthy digestion. And, Omega-3 fatty acids can work toward a keeping its coat nice and healthy. From time to time, it will be okay to give them some human foods as a treat. Just make sure dogs are allowed to eat those foods and keep it at a minimum. Certain human foods should always be fed in moderation. Despite this, there are several health conditions that one should be aware of that the parent breeds are known to be vulnerable to.

Most Cavachons will not need worry about this. However, if they take after their Cavalier parent more, they run the risk of brachycephalic airway syndrome. This is usually only seen if the dog has an unusually short nose, and can lead to some difficulty breathing. Another dog breed that experiences this is the French Bulldog. First, Cavachons can develop or be born with cataracts.

However, they often can be spotted in a puppy as crystal-like structures in a normally dark lens of the eye.

The good news is that in some cases they may be surgically removed. Also, they might develop eye ulcerations due to hair rubbing their cornea. Thankfully, this is easily avoided. More on that in the grooming section. To counter this, be prepared to clean their ears about once a week, and be on the lookout for signs of infection.

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Stopping an infection at an early stage will save both you and your little Cavachon from unneeded stress. The number one killer in humans can be seen in Cavachon dogs too. It is unfortunate, but needs to be said. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is known for its susceptibility to inherited heart disease, which can lead to heart failure in middle to late life. As mentioned before, the likelihood of a Cavachon developing any of these is much less than that of a purebred.

Nonetheless, keeping an eye out for them is advised. For genetic disorders, the best way to ensure a healthy dog is to look at the health of the parents. These disorders are largely congenital, and a parent that displays health issues can likely pass them on to offspring. Always try to meet both the sire father and the dame mother , and learn about their medical history!

If properly cared for and kept in good health, a Cavachon can live up to 15 years! However, a more realistic average will put their lifespan at about years. Cavachons are light shedders. However, just because these little dogs keep their shedding to a minimum does not mean they do not have grooming needs. In fact, depending on their coat, they should be given a good brushing two to three times a week. This depends both on the nature and length of their coat. If kept trimmed and short, brushing might be more infrequent.

But if they are sporting a longer coat, it would be a good idea to brush it out more often to avoid knotting and clumping.

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In terms of bathing, about once a month should keep them clean and happy. Especially if they are brushed often, their fur does not tend to keep in dirt and grit. Still, the Cavachon is a very playful dog that tends to get themselves dirty.

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  • Something else to keep in mind is trimming their coat. While this might make your dog cozy during winter, your dog might appreciate it if you trim is during summer months. This is especially the case if it spends extended amounts of time outdoors playing or on walks. Yes, you read that right. How do you do this? This is done by using a soft wet piece of cotton wool and gently pushing the hair around the eyes outward. Do this about once a day until the hair grows in the desired direction.

    If the hair around the eyes is left to do what it wants it can lead to eye ulcerations by scratching the cornea, which your Cavachon will not at all enjoy! Also, keep an eye on that hair. If it starts growing the wrong way again, be ready to start training it until it is back in line.

    Remember, a hybrid dog does not always mean a split between two purebreds, and multi-generation crosses can be common.

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    While having two parents who are hybrids themselves might lead to more variation in the offspring, it can also further help protect the puppies from genetic health risks, so long as the two hybrid parents are both healthy themselves as well. If there are any risks, it is always better to know of them ahead of time. Overall, Cavachons match individuals with a calm, but friendly temperament. Though they are playful, if too much is going on, they might be a little put out. They are great for people who long for a canine companion, but suffer from allergies. While a perfectly hypo-allergenic dog is still a thing of the future, any sniffles and sneezing will be at a minimum, which is a small price to pay for all the joy such a friendly dog can bring you!

    Though they shed very little, they still require plenty of grooming care.

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    So be ready for brushing at least twice a week and paying careful attention to the hair around their eyes. Always know as much as you can! Training him to sit still while grooming will make both of your lives easier in the long run, and means you can pay attention so his coat is free of matting and skin infections. Once he is matured, you may also want to take him to be professionally groomed every few months.

    Every few weeks you should trim his nails to prevent them cracking or splitting, clean his ears of dirt or debris, and brush his teeth regularly. Like many small breeds, Every few weeks you should trim his nails to prevent them cracking or splitting and clean his ears of dirt or debris. Like with other small breeds, you should brush his teeth regularly to avoid teeth and gum problems. The content on this page aims to offer an informative introduction to pet breeds, but does not constitute expert veterinary advice.

    If your dog or cat falls ill or has an injury, contact your vet immediately. All facts and figures were correct at date of publication and were compiled using a range of sources. As a Tesco Pet Insurance customer, you can access expert veterinary advice provided by RCVS registered vet nurses as a standard benefit with your policy, and the service is provided at no additional cost.